Freedom Tackle Mischief Minnow Silver Shad

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Blurring the line between multiple types of topwater baits, the Freedom Tackle Mischief Minnow Bladed Topwater is a topwater lure that can be used as a walking bait or a wakebait, but also includes the attraction element of an underspin with its belly rigged blade. As the bait is twitched or waked across the surface, the oversized blade will clack and flash on the body and treble hooks of the bait causing tons of commotion. The Freedom Tackle Mischief Minnow comes equipped with ultra-sharp Gamakatsu trebles hooks so this lure is ready to hit the water right out of the package.

Length: 3.5" Weight: 7/16 oz

Length: 4.5" Weight: 5/8 oz




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