Megabass Big Gabot Frog

Big Gabbot is a size-up model of Pony Gabbot, born from strong request of MOA professional staff. Each part has been upgraded with the action-friendly catamaran mouse as if pop X is moving. Arrange the skirt away from the body to make it a center of gravity more backward than the original Gabbot. A new hook groove is provided at the contact point between the body and the hook to prevent the hook position from moving during the action. In addition, we reviewed the internal structure along with the increase in size and added wire parts. Interaction with the fish after hooking makes the hook move more flexibly and reduces the baldness. Of course, by increasing the total weight, even a thick PE line can be lightly cast. Furthermore, pushing the water to the mat is further amplified by making the body size one size larger, and it appeals to the big bus. The Big Gabbot, which has an even greater "presence" than the original model, stimulates the struggle of the Big Bus.

Length: 3.25" Weight: 3/4 oz

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