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Yamamoto 5'' Senko Natural Shad 9-10-306

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  • Sku: YAM-9-10-306
  • Barcode: 783670072132
  • Vendor: Yamamoto

Product description

The Gary Yamamoto Senko is the original soft plastic bass fishing stickbait. When Gary Yamamoto designed the Senko in the early 90's he had no idea that he was changing the future of fishing. The Yamamoto Senko has become a go-to plastic worm for both tournament anglers and recreation anglers alike. This simple yet versatile design, checks a lot of boxes for the types of pray that bass love; it's got a high visibility profile in the water, it's available in a wide range of colors, it's salt impregnated, it sinks slowly which keeps the bait in the strike zone longer, it can be rigged and fished Texas Style, Carolina Style, Wacky Style or weightless. And when it's fish weightless, it's got enough mass and weight to cast a great distance. There are few soft plastic worms that are as versatile as the Yamamoto Senko. Both bass and anglers agree, the Yamamoto Senko is a must have on any lake! Hammond's Fishing Center is always well stocked with over 120 different color variations of this bait.

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