Berkley Frittside Crankbait Ghost Morning Dawn

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Another take on a classic bait design with legendary crankbait angler and designer David Fritts. The Berkley® Frittside crankbait features the same proven action that won David Fritts the Bassmaster Classic®. Delivering proven balsa actions with the durability and casting performance of a plastic bait, the Frittside is a key bait for tough conditions when fish are sluggish or heavily pressured.

David Fritts Pro Tip: Silent, tight actions are ideal when fish are sluggish or heavily pressured. Perfect for very cold or very hot water less than 10 feet deep.
Size 5 Length: 2 1/4" Weight:1/3 oz Depth: 2-5'
Size 7 Length: 2 1/2" Weight:1/2 oz Depth: 5-7'



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