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BKK Basilisk Worm Hook

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  • Sku: 175483
  • Barcode: 6974190008860
  • Vendor: BKK Hooks

Product description

Ideal for pairing with plastics that sport a slim profile, the BKK Basilisk Worm Hooks are designed to add a layer of muscle to your favorite finesse presentation. Constructed from high carbon steel, the Basilisk Worm Hooks feature a streamlined, covert profile, yet offer tremendous strength that allows anglers to target trophy bass in cover with confidence. Their slender profile not only aids in their ability to approach finicky fish, but it also permits them to slide in and through vegetation with increased efficiency. They also rely on a traditional O'Shaughnessy bend design that encourages a more positive hook set and prevents the bass from coming off during the ensuing fight. They are completed with BKK’s signature Super Slide hook coating and needle-sharp hook points to deliver outstanding penetration performance and a maximized hook up ratio. Built for a rig with medium-weight line and slim soft plastics, the BKK Basilisk Worm Hooks help blur the line between finesse and power fishing.

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