Deps Evoke Crankbait 1.2 Red Craw

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Evoke 1.2 is a Heavy Cover Crankbait , that was developed from the requirement, both obvious and unachievable, to make use of a definitive tool that would increase the effectiveness of fishing.
Deps has modified the original Crankbait concept obtaining a hybrid and versatile evolution, a bait that is beyond one’s wildest dreams. The aggressive design of Evoke 1.2, which lies above all in the rounded shape of its body that allows it to overcome air resistance, has been conceived so as to maintain a stable trim both in flight and when submerged. In fact the lure will regain its trim even after coming in contact with the obstacle and will allow us to sound out the different layers of water with the maximum precision, at medium and elevated depth, responding to the most diverse retrieving techniques.
Finally a High Pitch Action approach to those narrow canals that usually hindered a fruitful cast will no long be an illusion! You will be able to aim for those basses that have no intention of moving away from spots full of obstacles, bushes or thick underwater vegetation. All those spots that, until now, have been the unchallenged reign of Jigs and Texas mounted bait. From now on Evoke 1.2 will give a chance even to the cover Crankbait category.

Length: 2.2" Weight: 3/8 oz Depth: 3-4ft




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