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Gamakatsu Gika Rig 2pk

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  • Sku: 399412-1/8
  • Barcode: 089726113508
  • Vendor: GAMAKATSU

Product description

Perfected in Japan, and making its way throughout North America, the Gamakatsu Gika Rig is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to catch bass. Combining the natural appeal of finesse applications, with the speed of power fishing, the Gamakatsu Gika Rig delivers a deadly blend of techniques that bass find irresistible.

Consisting of a razor-sharp Gamakatsu offset hook, an elongated drop shot weight, and a welded ring, the Gamakatsu Gika Rig pairs with a wide range of soft plastics to deliver a natural swimming action, whether it is dragged along the bottom or slipped through vegetation. Giving anglers the ability to fine tune their presentation on the fly, the Gamakatsu Gika Rig’s interchangeable weight system makes it easy to add or remove weight in seconds. As effective as it is versatile, the Gamakatsu Gika Rig delivers an innovative new way tempt bass that have grown accustomed to traditional techniques.
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