Gambler 3" Little Otter 9Pk

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Gambler's 3" Ugly Otter is a compact, versatile bait that has some unique features. On the sides of the bait the smaller paddles lay vertical, which allows for a fluid swimming action. The larger paddle on the end of the bait adds vibration on the fall. The 3" Otter can be flipped into heavy grass mats, triggering a bass to bite even in the most pressured situation. The Otter can be used as a jig trailer for flipping or casting to give the jig a smaller profile while still providing fluttering and swimming action. Fishing the bait by itself for smallmouth bass can be deadly, as it can mimic a crawfish or a dying baitfish. Gambler has a great variety of colors that can be used for muddy water or clear water applications. When it's time to down size or fish compact baits the 3" Ugly Otter is a bait that will catch fish



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