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Gambler 4" Ugly Otter Hurricane Craw 7Pk

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  • Sku: 19995
  • Barcode: 024395819290
  • Vendor: Gambler

Product description

Gambler's 4" Ugly Otter is fast becoming a bait that bass anglers worldwide must have in their arsenal. Gambler designed the bait with two small paddles on the side and one large paddle on the end. The paddles move through the water creating a commotion that any bass can sense, even in the thickest grass or heaviest wood cover. The smaller paddles on either side of the bait can be cut down the middle to add even more action. The Otter is deadly when punching grass mats because it draws attention in tight spaces, and combined with the garlic scent it's irresistible to an inactive bass. When punching mats, a hard popping action allows the bait to flutter back down though the grass, drawing attention even in the most dense structure. Gambler has a wide variety of colors to choose from that are effective in the darkest muddy water to the clearest water situations. Whether flipping to heavy cover or pitching to isolated targets, the Ugly Otter is a bait that will flat out catch fish. Length: 4"

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