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Jackall Blast Bone Jr. Black Chrome Bone

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  • Sku: 176292
  • Barcode: 843459019038
  • Vendor: Jackall

Product description

The Blast Bone Jr. is the perfect lure when anglers need to downsize their bait to match the conditions with a smaller profile. The wide lip design on the Blast Bone Jr. provides this lure its greatest strength: the ability to walk-the-dog underwater. This feature enables the Blast Bone Jr. to remain in the ideal position and close to structure much longer, allowing bass to strike with pinpoint accuracy. The single-joint body design gives the Blast Bone Jr. a better range of motion, allowing the lure to move with a degree of up, down, left and proper movement. The addition of the soft tail provides an appealing swimming action and acts as a rudder to slow and stabilize the lure’s underwater movement.

Length: 6" Weight: 1 oz Type: Slow Floating

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