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Jackall Digle Crankbait Ss Shad

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  • Barcode: 843459017379
  • Vendor: Jackall

Product description

Engineered by fine-tuning each element for optimized performance, the new Jackall Digle is what other crankbaits aspire to be with unprecedented casting distance, diving depth and lure action. Constructed with a custom-designed Winglet Lip, the Digle allows anglers to achieve up to 20% longer casts by effectively cutting through the wind. Anglers can also cover target depths longer and with more efficiency due to the Digle's ability to stay in the strike zone longer while evoking strikes by crashing the lure into structure or by creating disturbances against soft bottom. Cast farther and dig deep, the all-new Jackall Digle is now the definitive deep-diving crankbait.

Digle 02  Length: 2 1/2" Weight: 1/2oz Depth: 7ft

Digle 04 Length:  2 3/4" Weight: 3/4 oz Depth: 13ft

Digle 05  Length: 3" Weight: 1 oz Depth: 16ft


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