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Missile Jigs Mini Swim Jig Junebug

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  • Sku: 160271
  • Barcode: 811803024182
  • Vendor: Missile Baits

Product description

Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion, Mike “Ike” Iaconelli, the Missile Jigs Mini Swim Jig is the swimming sibling of the highly successful Mini Flip Jig and is perfect for swimming through shallow water cover for a horizontal presentation. Structured on a 3/0 VMC hook with a 30-degree vertical line tie, the Missile Jigs Mini Swim Jig features a compact design and keeled head shape, which allows it to slip in and out of tight areas while maintaining a horizontal posture at any retrieve speed. Moving down from the head, it features a fine cut silicone skirt that pulses and flairs with very little manipulation from the rod tip to create a natural swimming action.

Another key element that Ike wanted to include on the Missile Jigs Mini Swim Jig, is a new super spike keeper system to increase the lifespan on your soft plastics and hold trailers firmly in place without having to use any glue or adhesives. Finished with a precisely placed fiber weedguard for increased weedlessness and large 3D eyes for added realism, the Missile Jigs Mini Swim Jig is the perfect swim jig for those times when you need to downsize your profile to trigger bites.
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