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OSP Daibuzzin Crankbait Ginrin H-23

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  • Vendor: OSP

Product description

DAIBUZZN' was developed to deal with big bass that do not respond to regular size top water cranks, and situations where large size lures are effective due to field and weather conditions. For example, even if the bass is behind the cover or you don't notice the lure due to turbidity, the strong undertow will appeal to a wide area and create many bite opportunities. I was especially particular about the ability to attract fish, and its strong appealing power has the power to make a deep suspended bass suddenly surface. Adopts a semi-flat body with strong water pushing power. Strong waves and flushing attract bass from a wide range. In addition, the reduction in accuracy due to the large vertical lip was also eliminated by adjusting the body shape, weight position, and lip shape. And honeycomb super HP body realizes high pitch action response. The effect is that it is difficult for bass to see through even with slow retrieve, and the number of bites increases under all circumstances. At the moment of swimming, which is a perfect bite chance, in order to surely bring it to the bite, the key is to surface after landing and generate a backwash within 3 turns of the handle. This performance is impossible with a lure that dives 10 cm. In other words, it is "hard to dive and hard to jump out". DAIBUZZN' is a high-performance top water crank that combines these two performances.

Length: 2.5 inch

Weight: 5/8 oz

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