Profound Outdoors Z-Boss 22 Casper Shad

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After 2 years of testing and perfecting, the all new Z Boss 22 is finally here !! Weighing 1.5 oz and at 3 3/8″ long, this bait will not only cast super long to cover water but will also dive deep. Most anglers will get 15-18′ on the depth but with the right setup, you can reach depths of 21′.

” The Z-Boss Series of Crankbaits was designed by 4 time Bassmaster Champion and former Angler of the Year Timmy Horton and FLW Champion Randy Haynes. Two of the most dominate crankbait anglers to ever fish professional tournaments.”

DEPTH: 15'-18' WEIGHT: 1.5 OZ LEGTH: 3 3/8"



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