Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver 4.0 Electric Shad

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The Spicy Beaver from Reaction Innovations is a soft plastic creature bait based on the wildly popular Sweet Beaver. The Spicy features flaps on the back fins that create an incredible amount of agitation on retrieve. The fins flail up and down creating a profile too hard to miss.


The punching technique is among the most popular uses for the Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver due to the compact nature of the bait that enables it to easily slide into heavy vegetation. Additionally, the bait's solid plastic body is just the right size for efficiently rigging a stout straight shank flipping hook in a weedless manner without sacrificing hook penetration.

The Spicy Beaver is 4" long and matches the look and profile of many types of forage that bass feed on. The Beaver can be used to mimic a crayfish, bluegill, baby bass and more. The Spicy Beaver is available in 14 great colors and come 6 to a pack.



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