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River 2 Sea Rover 98 Sooner

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  • Sku: 80140
  • Barcode: 880469817629
  • Vendor: River 2 Sea

Product description

Rover is the new generation of walking bait. Rover’s action turns the leisurely weekend dog walk into a sprint through the park. Instead of the gliding action anglers are accustomed to, Rover’s choppy, side–to–side slashing will draw vicious strikes like a pit bull attacking its prey.
Rover’s face features an exaggerated cupping that spits more aggressively than other baits of this genre. it’s cupped mouth and geometry also create one of the most unique actions ever experienced in a lure of this type.
Rover 98 Length: 3 7/8" Weight: 3/8 oz Depth: Topwater Floating

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