Shimano Macbeth 50 Shallow Hot Mustard

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The combination of a Hybrid Edge round bill, strong buoyancy, and fixed one-piece weight construction make the Macbeth Shallow 50F the perfect crankbait for sub-surface cranking in depths just under one foot. Shimano engineers designed the Hybrid Edge round bill to achieve a fast and fish-enticing swimming action with the durability to withstand punishing contact with cover. The wide round bill on the MB-50F Shallow protects the front hook while reeling through cover, while the thick-diameter rear hook will not deform easily when hitting unexpected obstacles and adds durability during tough fights with trophies. The unique one-piece weight within the Macbeth Shallow concentrates the center of gravity and allows the lure to recover quicker after making contact with cover while enticing aggressive reaction bites.
Length: 2" Weight: 1/2 oz Depth: 0-1ft Type: Floating



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