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Shimano World Pop Flash Boost 69F Chartreuse Silver

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  • Sku: 162392
  • Barcode: 022255272940
  • Vendor: SHIMANO

Product description

Shimano's legendary BOOST CONCEPT technology prevails with the introduction of World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST, a multi-purpose popper unlike anything else on the market. Designed with a cupped face to create a commotion on the surface and draw aggressive strikes, the World Pop FB is the first lure of its kind to incorporate Shimano's FLASH BOOST technology. This innovative and proprietary technology suspends foil on micro springs within the lure body to create a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, even when paused. SCALE BOOST technology utilizes a lifelike composite-pitch hologram to provide World Pop with a natural scale pattern. With the distinct ability to be fished with a walk-the-dog action with continuous rod twitches or create large pops with a sweep of the rod tip, the World Pop 69F FB champions BOOST CONCEPT technology to draw aggressive strikes from trophy bass.

Length: 2 3/4" Weight: 3/8 oz 

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