Spro Little John Type R Nasty Shad

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Designed by B.A.S.S Elite Series Angler John Crews, is a shallow-running crankbait, deadly when teased across the tops of shallow underwater vegetation. It also excels at targeting suspended bass. The Rattle Little John 50 (and MD50) Crankbait inherits the best tournament-proven features of the original lure, including a unique lip made from a computer-chip board. An internal steel ball creates a loud hardrattling sound bass find irresistible.

These compact crankbaits pack a big, bold sound. Rigged with the world’s sharpest trebles made by Gamakatsu, the Rattle Little John 50s are ready to catch fish right out of the package. Both lures weigh ½-ounces and are 50 mm long.

The Rattle Little John 50 is tuned to run at 3 -5 feet of water, while the Rattle Little John MD50 runs deeper at 7-9 ft.

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