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Strike King KVD 300 Sinking Deep Jerkbait Chrome Sexy

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  • Sku: 051034274592
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  • Vendor: Strike King

Product description

Designed to reach depths that were previously unattainable, the Strike King KVD 300 Sinking Deep Jerkbait sinks at an impressive 0.5 feet per second to help anglers quickly reach the strike zone where the giant bass lurk. Built with a unique weight transfer system to ensure long-distance casting, the KVD 300 Sinking Jerkbait is ideal during the colder months when the fish are feeding closer to the bottom.

Perfectly weighted to maintain the erratic action of the legendary KVD 300, the sinking model is built using added weight to maximize the sink rate and castability making it a must-have for anglers seeking versatility. When big bass are located deep and refusing to bite, the Strike King KVD 300 Sinking Deep Jerkbait is a go-to to add to your arsenal that will make fish aggressively strike and help you put more hogs in the boat.

Length: 4.75" Weight: 3/5 oz Type: Sinking 6' Per Second

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