Teckel Sprinker Frog Watermelon

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The Teckel Sprinker is set to change the topwater game. Combining the best attributes of a hollow-bodied frog, buzzbait and whopper plopper, the Sprinker can do it all and then some. The Sprinker weighs in at 5/8 oz, allowing the angler to long bomb this frog over grass flats or points. This dual frog can also be skipped around laydowns, docks or other cover with ease due to the weight and shape of the hollow body. Once in the water, the tail of the Sprinker kicks in to action, giving the bait it's unique chopper sound guaranteed to get the attention of bass everywhere. The backside of the Sprinker features a centering pin connected to the body of the frog allowing for connection of a paddle tail, speed worm, swimbait or any other trailer imaginable. Able to go where no buzzbait or whopper plopper can, the Teckel Sprinker is completely weedless and can be fished over the thickest matted vegetation without snagging or turning over. The Sprinker utilizes a super sharp and durable Gamakatsu Frog Hook and comes with two tails per pack. Check out the video below to see the drawing power of the Teckel Sprinker!  


Length with Tail: 4.25" Weight: 5/8 oz 



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