Z-Man Chatterbait JackHammer Stealth Blade Green Pumpkin

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In a wink, it flashes and disappears underwater. Suggestive of a preyfish tail-kick, the luminous blade hums a subtle but palpable harmony; seems to be singing directly to the bass. As the thin-edged razor cuts water with the speed and precision of a Santoku, it vanishes and reappears in rapid succession. Inside the brains of bass, alarms bells toll. Although they can't see it at first, predators in the neighborhood can feel its pulse—a sweet tune that pings lateral lines and incites mandibles to snap.

A valuable combination of refined energy, unpredictable action and visual stealth, the new Z-Man JackHammer StealthBlade is about to add an exciting new chapter to the book of the bladed jig.



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