Z Man DarterZ Segmented Jerkbait Sexy Mullet

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Z-Man DarterZ are 6 inch segmented soft jerkbaits designed by veteran inshore saltwater angler Captain C.A. Richardson to mimic slender profile baitfish like needlefish, ballyhoo, and sand eels. The bait is made from super-tough ElaZtech material so it can easily survive multiple strikes from fierce inshore predators but is still salt-impregnated for neutral buoyancy and increased weight to make casting easier.

The segmented body produces tons of attention-grabbing swimming and darting action and pair excellently with ChinlockZ SWS weighted hooks and HeadlockZ jigheads. The bait also has belly and dorsal hook slots for easy weedless rigging.

Length: 6" 5 per pack 



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