Zoom Hollow Belly Frog White

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Built to move with every twitch of your rod, its third tail between the legs and long body profile make it effortless to “walk the dog,” allowing you to keep your frog active, but in place, which is crucial when frog fishing. Its soft, yet durable body, and large, solid hooks promise an exceptionally high hook-up percentage rarely achieved with similar frogs. It’s available in a number of hawg-enticing colors that meet a wide variety of water clarities and forage species, such as bluegill, shad, and of course amphibians. Built to take your frog fishing game to the next level, the Zoom Hollow Body Frog delivers an unmatched walking action and top-shelf performance any avid angler can appreciate.

Length: 3.5" Weight 7/8 oz

Jr. Length: 2.5" Weight: 1/2 oz 



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