Yamamoto 4'' Dt Hula Grub Black W/ Blue - 10Pk

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Yamamoto 4'' DT Hula Grub Black w/ Blue - 10pk

The Yamamoto Hula Grub is one of the greatest soft baits ever poured. And, not coincidentally, one of the greatest soft bait manufacturers is Yamamoto Baits. The Yamamoto Double Tail Hula Grubs catch fish 12 months out of the year - deep and shallow. It comes loaded with salt, and features a double tail grub configuration at one end combined with a Senko-style body in the middle, and free flowing rubber tentacles at the opposite end. Carolina-rig it, Texas-rig it, flip and pitch it, or throw it on a football head. The Yamamoto Hula Grub is an action packed bait that can be fished any way you want.

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