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Berkley Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait Burnt Bone

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  • Barcode: 028632344958
  • Vendor: Berkley

Product description

Designed in collaboration with Elite Series angler Mike Iaconelli, the Berkley Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait is an innovative soft-bodied glide bait built with a reinforced mesh joint that provides durability while allowing for free range of motion. Fitted with a brush-style tail to mimic the natural movement of baitfish, the Nessie Soft Glide Bait has a slow-sinking rate-of-fall, upright horizontal posture, and stabilizing belly fins to encourage consistent S-shaped swim action. Featuring a patent-pending hook retention clip to keep the treble hook secured to the body, each glide bait is armed with a razor-sharp Berkley Fusion19 treble hook to deliver rapid hook penetration and ensure your success with large predators.

Infused with Berkley’s famous Powerbait formula, the exclusive scent is integrated directly into the plastic to make fish bite, hold on 18x longer, and give you more time to deliver a confident hookset. Taking an advanced technique and opening the doors for entry-level anglers, the Berkley Powerbait Nessie simultaneously unlocks new uses for experienced glide bait anglers with its unique ability to be skipped under docks and overhanging cover. Available in a variety of custom-painted forage-matching color patterns, the Berkley Powerbait Nessie Soft Glide Bait allows anglers to confidently cast into tight spaces where traditional glide baits have been previously unable to reach.


5" Weight: 2/5 oz

7" Weight: 1 oz

9" Weight: 2 oz 

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