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BKK Spear 21 SS Treble Hook

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  • Sku: 177929
  • Barcode: 6939067093615
  • Vendor: BKK Hooks

Product description

Ideal for outfitting your favorite hardbaits with some premium hardware, the BKK Spear 21 SS Treble Hooks deliver tournament-grade quality and reliable performance. The Spear Treble Hooks offer a high degree of versatility, being suitable for a variety of crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater baits, and even swimbaits. They feature a round bend and a forged elastic carbon steel hook shank to maximize their strength and durability while providing anglers heightened confidence in their gear even after multiple run-ins with big bass or hard cover.

Expanding on their durable operation, the BKK Spear 21 SS Treble Hooks are designed to increase anglers’ hook up ratios as well. Relying on the perfect combination of a 1X fine wire gauge construction and BKK’s Super Slide coating, they supply buttery smooth hook setting performance. Additionally, they are armed with needle-sharp hook points to minimize piercing resistance even when faced with the tough winter mouths bass adopt annually. Their moderate hook shank length expands their versatility even further, making the BKK Spear 21 SS Treble Hooks a smart addition to any treble-clad lure.
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