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Bull Shad Bacca Burrito Swimbait Pearl

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Product description

Designed to do battle with the biggest bruisers your lake has to offer, the Bacca Burrito Swimbait has already proven itself to be a giant slayer. Painstakingly designed by Gail Ratcliff over 8 years ago, he grew unable to keep up with the exploding demand from anglers seeking his prolific swimbait that draws its name from the legendary Lake Baccarac in Mexico. In response, Ratcliff collaborated with Bull Shad Swimbaits to increase production and get the bait in more hands, and ultimately, more scale-busting bass into angler’s livewells.

An epic tool for covering water or targeting schooling fish, the Bacca Burrito Swimbait is a durable soft silicone shad-imitating swimbait that excels in the deeper, 10-20-foot range of the water column. It employs a seductive wobble action and anatomically accurate profile to entice bites from finicky fish suspended in open water around ledges and sparse cover. In addition to tackling open water, it is highly efficient at picking apart docks due to its exceptional skipping abilities. Made with premium ingredients and careful craftsmanship, the Bacca Burrito Swimbait is an irresistible meal for any shad-chasing predator.

Bacca Burrito 6" Weight: 2.8oz Type: Sinking
Bacca Burrito 5" Weight: 1.8oz Type: Sinking

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