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Deps Wakasagi Bait 65 Sinking Clear Baitfish

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  • Sku: 148984
  • Barcode: 630878799036
  • Vendor: Deps

Product description

Crafted in Japan and delivering the quality and performance that Deps lures are known for, the Deps Wakasagi Bait Finesse Lipless Minnow is an ultra compact baitfish imitation that perfectly mimics an escaping baitfish near the surface. Featuring a slender body that is squared on the sides and bottom, the Deps Wakasagi Bait Finesse Lipless Minnow is made to reduce water flow, which creates a sharp and unpredictable darting and skating action just like a live minnow running from predators. The unique tinsel tail also acts as a stabilizer that suppresses unnatural vibrations from waves and wind to keep the lure stable in all conditions, as well as, adds a little bit of flash to get even more bites.

Deadly on multiple retrieves, the Deps Wakasagi Bait Finesse Lipless Minnow produces a wake when using a steady retrieve and an erratic action when quickly twitched with the rod tip. It can also be dead-sticked and the subtle movements of the water will produce a dying or wounded baitfish action. The razor sharp treble hook on the bottom is attached to an internal swivel system, which dramatically increases your fishing landing ratio as well. Available in a wide selection of highly detailed colors, the Deps Wakasagi Bait Finesse Lipless Minnow will become your new secret weapon for pressured fish or when the fish are targeting really small bait.

Length: 2.5"  Weight: 1/7 oz Type:  Sinking

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