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Duo Realis Nano Treble Hook 6pk

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  • Sku: 163326
  • Barcode: 4525918155612
  • Vendor: Duo

Product description

After receiving an overwhelming number of requests for producing replacement hooks, Duo International has commercialized the Duo Realis Nano Treble Hook so anglers can replace the exact treble hooks on their favorite hard baits. Designed for high retention and processing high strain rates, Nano treble hooks feature a slightly outward angled hook point that helps you convert more bites into hook-ups. Made with a slick Teflon coating these treble hooks deliver rapid penetrability and offer low resistance so less force is needed when you go to set the hook. Made in Japan and dangerously sharp, the Duo Realis Nano Treble Hooks stack the odds in your favor by increasing your probability of connecting when that next fish attacks.

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