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Geecrack Akasick Pencil 90 Metal Ayu 005

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  • Sku: 168145
  • Barcode: 4571473851148
  • Vendor: Geecrack

Product description

Built in Japan in collaboration between Geecrack and the famous Akashi Team, the Geecrack Akasick Pencil 90 Walking Bait is a highly tuned walking bait that skates across the surface and produces big bites. Designed with a large head and a tapered tail section, the Geecrack Akasick Pencil 90 Walking Bait sits tail down in the water, making it extremely easy to walk side-to-side with just short twitches from the rod tip. With short pauses, it will also continue to glide, which creates a wider action and bigger presence on the water than most other walking baits on the market.

Offering a lifelike appearance, the Geecrack Akasick Pencil 90 Walking Bait’s details are second to none and are equipped with large 3D eyes, gill plates, and highly detailed paint jobs that accurately mimic live forage. Outfitted a set of slick coated razor sharp treble hooks that provide outstanding hook up ratios, the Geecrack Akasick Pencil 90 Walking Bait delivers JDM quality and performance for topwater enthusiasts.

Length: 3.5" Weight: 1/2 oz Type: Topwater

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