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Jackall Bling 55 Flat-Sided Crankbait Gold Gill

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  • Sku: 163756
  • Barcode: 843459018444
  • Vendor: Jackall

Product description

Returning to Jackall's lineup after a lengthy hiatus, the Jackall Bling 55 Flat-Sided Crankbaits are back and irresistible to even the most uncooperative of bass. These flat-sided crankbaits are known for performing well in cold water situations or in scenarios where pressured bass prefer a tighter, high-pitched action. The Bling 55 produces a quick wobbling action thanks to the flat sides and super thin circuit board lip that makes the bait extremely responsive and durable enough to consistently bang into riprap and other hard structure without chipping or breaking. A specially designed internal weight transfer system helps the crankbait cast like a bullet and keeps is stable during retrieves. With precise detailing and color patterns that match various types of forage across the country, the Bling 55 is the flat-sided crankbait that hobbyists and tournament anglers alike should reach for to produce bites in unfavorable fishing conditions.

Length: 2.2" Weight: 5 /16 oz Depth: 4-6ft

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