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Lucky Craft Gunfish 95 H3 Aurora Black

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  • Sku: GF95-H3-052ABK
  • Barcode: 884403040524
  • Vendor: Lucky Craft

Product description

Offering the same legendary performance as the original Gunfish but now with an even better hook up ratio, the Lucky Craft Gunfish 95 H3 features three sticky sharp treble hooks so that you can catch more fish. Built with a thin tapered body, the Lucky Craft Gunfish 95 H3 provides effortless walk the dog action that glides side-to-side with each twitch of the rod tip to entice ferocious strikes. The cupped mouth also spits and sprays water with each twitch, which creates a large disturbance on the surface like busting baitfish to attract predators from a greater distance.

Internally, the Lucky Craft Gunfish 95 H3 is equipped with a unique tungsten resin tail weight system that produces maximum casting distance even when casting directly into the wind. It also generates a loud knocking noise that calls fish out of deep water much more effectively than other topwater walking baits. Offered in a selection of Lucky Craft’s proven colors, the Lucky Craft Gunfish 95 H3 takes the Gunfish series to the next-level.

length: 3 3/4" Weight: 3/8 oz

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