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Picasso Tungsten Little Spotty Jig Green Pumpkin Tiger

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  • Sku: 14PLS70
  • Barcode: 768690972136
  • Vendor: Picasso

Product description

The Picasso Tungsten Little Spotty is constructed from 97% super hard, dense tungsten without any inferior plastic material mixed in. The result is a dramatic increase in sensitivity over jigs made from lead or tungsten compound, allowing you to feel changes in bottom structure and detect the most subtle bites. The compact size combined with the low profile three-strand titanium weed guard allows the jig to come through cover with fewer hang-ups while being flexible enough to not impede the hook set. You immediately will notice an increased percentage of hookups versus traditional brush style weed guards that are often too stiff and result in missed catches. Picasso’s exclusive ultra-soft thin sheet silicone skirting material creates fish enticing undulation that is comparable to that of rubber skirt material.
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