Rapala Countdown Elite Gilded Gold Shad

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The new Rapala Countdown Elite harnesses over 80 years of lure making craftsmanship into a premium balsa minnow bait. Featuring the same, legendary controlled slow-sinking action of the original Countdown, the Countdown Elite features modern construction for maximum casting distance and accuracy. The innovative construction. of the Countdown Elite results in improved durability and features a shimmying flutter during its signature Countdown sinking action. Available in color patterns that combine metallic plating, HD printing, and new designs, the Countdown Elite brings one of the most popular Rapala minnow baits to new levels.

CD55 Length: 2 1/4" Weight: 3/16oz Depth: 3-4'

CD75 Length: 3" Weight: 3/8 oz Depth: 4'



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