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Rapala Og Rocco 5 Crankbait Silver

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  • Sku: OGR05S
  • Barcode: 022677338194
  • Vendor: RAPALA

Product description

Designed by expert lure builder and Bassmaster Classic Champion, Ott Defoe, the Rapala Ott’s Garage OG Rocco 5 Crankbait is Ott’s latest creation and is perfect for running down the bank and fishing every piece of cover where bass like to hide. Made from premium balsa wood and featuring a rounded body shape, the OG Rocco 5 Crankbait is extremely buoyant and is equipped with a circuit board square lip, which allows it to easily deflect off of cover and back out of sticky situations when paused to avoid snagging. It also produces a medium wobbling action that triggers bites year-round and is highly castable unlike some balsa crankbaits on the market. The OG Rocco 5 Crankbait is completely silent as well, which can be greatly beneficial when the fish are being pressured from other anglers and a more subtle approach is key to getting bites. Ready to fish right out of the package, the Rapala Ott’s Garage OG Rocco 5 Crankbait is outfitted with two VMC hybrid treble hooks and is offered in a wide selection of Rapala’s proven fish catching colors.

Length: 2.5" Weight: 3/8 oz Depth: 5ft

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