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SPRO Outsider Crank SR 55 Super Spring Craw

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  • Sku: SOSCSR55SSC
  • Barcode: 651583151810
  • Vendor: Spro

Product description

Designed in an epic collaboration between John Crews and the dynamic Johnston brothers, the SPRO Outsider Crank SR 55 Crankbait crashes through shallow cover in search of feeding bass. Constructed with an innovative concept that places the weight on the outside of the bait, the Outsider Crankbait maintains a small profile yet can be cast a country mile. In addition to its enhanced castability, its specialized construction also encourages a more responsive action that beckons to even the most educated predators.

Accentuating its unique exterior weight design, the SPRO Outsider Crank SR 55 Crankbait boasts impressive visual enhancements that can fool any wary fish. The nose of the plug features raised gill rakers, mandibles, and SPRO’s signature Mean Eyes, while the entirety of its body is encased in dazzling paint schemes that expertly mimic a plethora of common forage. Dependably sharp Gamakatsu hooks hang from the belly to optimize angler’s hook-up ratios and encourage confident hook sets. Perfect for terrorizing bass holding in the shallows, the SPRO Outsider Crank SR 55 Crankbait puts a new twist on a classic shallow cranking design.

Length: 2.17" Weight: 3/8 oz Depth: 3-4'

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