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Steelshad Blade Bait Silver

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  • Sku: SSL-10001
  • Barcode: 855029007000
  • Vendor: Steel Shad

Product description

Delivering quality and versatility that is second-to-none, the Steelshad Blade Bait is a highly effective minnow imitation that catches all species of gamefish in any type of water and at any depth. Made from a unique malleable stainless steel, the Steelshad Blade Bait features an elongated body shape, which produces an intense vibration and distressed swimming action that mimics all injured baitfish. 

Ideal for any section of the water column, the Steelshad Blade Bait can be retrieved quickly and waked across the surface, reeled steadily through open water for suspended fish, or yo-yo’d along the bottom to trigger bites from lethargic fish. You can also put a slight bend in the Steelshad Blade Bait to totally change the dynamics of its swimming action and imitate an injured baitfish swimming on its side in shallow water. Armed with a set of razor-sharp VMC treble hooks, Steelshad Blade Bait is a new take on a traditional design that will take your blade bait fishing to the next-level. 

1/4oz Length: 1 3/4" 2pk

3/8oz Length: 2 3/4" 1pk

1/2oz Length: 2 1/4" 1pk

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