Gambler Komodo Swimbait


Deadly as a trailer or as a part of your favorite flipping rig, the Gambler Komodo delivers unmatched swimming action and a turbulent presence in the water. It starts with an aggressive, reverse ribbed, baitfish profile that displaces a ton of water and helps bass key in on your bait, perfect for navigating stained water or vision disrupting vegetation. From there, it transitions to a custom-designed rounded fork tail that creates a realistic kicking motion as the bait swims through the water column. The Komodo is finished with a bass-alluring garlic scent that is sure to get mandibles snapping in any body of water. Available in a range of forage-imitating colors, the Gambler Komodo is the ideal companion for your favorite vibrating jig, swim jig, or as a standalone glide style creature lure for flippin’ and pitchin’.

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