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Cal Coast Fishing Clip N Cull 2.0 Culling System

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Product description

Easily sort your tourney limit with the fish-friendly Cal Coast Fishing Clip-N-Cull 2.0 Culling System. This is an in-the-live-well culling system that securely holds and organizes your catches while reducing stress and injury to the fish. Unlike other systems, the Clip-N-Cull does not require puncturing the fish's jaw. The unique ratchet-tooth design holds firm on the fish's jaw, and the holding strength can be quickly adjusted for ideal hold. And you don't have to worry about taking your hands off of your prizes catch to operate the clips; one hand is all you'll need! Simply place your index finger and middle finger on the finger holds and squeeze to open the clip. Then slide the Clip-N-Cull onto the bottom lip of the fish, and squeeze the clip close to engage the locking system. To top off the flawless design, each clip has a color-coded number float for easy grab-and-cull, because during a tourney time is not something you want to waste! Perfect for kayak anglers and bass anglers alike!

Key features and benefits:

Fish-friendly, stress-reducing culling system
One-handed operation
No jaw puncturing required
Easy to use rachet-tooth design
Adjustable grip pressure
Color-coded numbered floats
Includes seven (7) clips
Includes storage bracket
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