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Rapala Lip-Grip Cull Tags

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  • Sku: RLGCT
  • Barcode: 022677306360
  • Vendor: RAPALA

Product description

Providing a fish-friendly means of keeping track of your catch, the Rapala Lip Grip Cull Tags utilize a rugged, puncture-free design that fish and anglers will both appreciate.

This heavy-duty construction cull tag set from Rapala helps anglers accurately identify and manage their catches. The multi-colored EVA floats with laser-etched numbers and non-penetrating, fish-friendly clips make it easy to quickly identify and remove fish without damaging them. Plus, the non-corrosive components ensure a long-lasting strength.

Constructed entirely from non-corrosive components, the Rapala Lip Grip Cull Tags feature heavy-duty, non-penetrating clips that secure around the fish’s lip, rather than through it, lessening the amount of damage and stress. Included with six cull tags per package, the Rapala Lip Grip Cull Tags are fitted with multi-colored EVA floats with laser etched numbers, which makes it easy to identify fish at a glance. The perfect compliment to any Rapala scale, the Rapala Lip Grip Cull Tags allow anglers to keep track of their fish, while ensuring their health.


Includes 6 cull tags.
Non-penetrating, fish friendly clips.
Heavy-duty composite construction.
Multi-colored EVA floats with laser-etched numbers.
Non-corrosive components.

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