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Cast Echo 3.5" Blue Back Herring

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  • Barcode: 850054093110
  • Vendor: Cast

Product description

Born from the Prodigy swimbait, the Echo incorporates a patent pending design that allows the angler to rig the soft plastic on a Hover Rig so the bait will actually swim on the descent. This is achieved by inserting a nail weight into the provided belly cavity which acts as a ballast and rigging the Echo with a non weighted 90 degree turn hook. This separation between the hook and weight creates an ultra-realistic presentation that mimics a wounded baitfish. The Echo was designed specifically to target hard to catch suspended fish with the use of forward facing sonar. In addition to using the Echo with the Hover rig, the Echo is also a phenomenal finesse trailer for Underspins, chatterbaits and spinnerbaits. The Echo is also very effective when used with the Damiki rig where the provided glass rattle alerts predators to its presence in the water column.

3.5" Echo 8 per pack
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