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Duo Realis Finder Shad 3" Bluegill

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  • Sku: 188743
  • Barcode: 4525918149802
  • Vendor: Duo

Product description

Made in Japan and created for the increasingly popular mid-strolling finesse technique, the Duo Realis Finder Shad features a shad shape profile with tall flat sides and a unique pintail design. Paired with light line, finesse tackle, and a lightly weighted jig head the Finder Shad produces a unique body roll to accurately mimic a distressed baitfish when you shake and reel it back on a slack line. The innovative pin tail generates tons of action with small twitches of the rod tip, while also capturing water to help slow down your retrieve and maximize your time in the strike zone.

Poured from Duo’s original shrimp scented soft plastic formula, the Finder Shad is packed with tons of salt and flavor that makes fish hold on longer, so you have more time to set the hook and increase your chance of landing more fish. Also deadly when rigged on a drop shot, the Duo Realis Finder Shad is suited for highly pressured fishing situations and a variety of rigging techniques.

Length: 3" 8pk

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