Gunfish 115 No Feather Sexy Mama

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The Gunfish 115 is a larger version of the Gunfish 95, with bigger action, sound, and drawing power. The bait is big enough to appeal to giant bass but still an excellent choice for tournament keepers. It casts exceptionally well thanks to the resin tungsten composite weighting system, making it an excellent choice for quickly covering water and calling fish from the depths.

The tight walking action is a significant part of what makes the bait so effective, but the splashing and spitting from the cupped mouth make it even deadlier. When working the lure quickly, it sprays water to each side to give predators the appearance of a surface feeding opportunity.

The "no-feather" version allows for larger walking movements and faster more responsive movements.

Length: 4.5 inch

Weight: 3/5 oz



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