Ima Baby Stick 105 Shimmer Shad

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Joining the highly effective Ima Stik family, the Ima Baby Stik 105 Walking Bait is a downsized model that is perfect for those times when the fish are chasing smaller bait or there is increased fishing pressure from other anglers. Featuring a rear weighted design that allows it to cast like a bullet, the Baby Stik 105 Walking Bait is perfectly balanced and designed so novice anglers and experts alike can effortlessly walk the bait back and forth to resemble an injured or feeding baitfish. In addition to walking the dog, it’s also equipped with a cupped mouth that pops and spits water up to 2 feet in front of the lure, which causes a bigger topwater disturbance and attracts predators from a great distance.

Length: 4.1" Weight: 1/2oz Hook Size: 8



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