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Megabass Karashi Twitch Bait Kasumi ITO KS

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  • Sku: 177453
  • Barcode: 4513473486616
  • Vendor: Megabass

Product description

The latest generation of finesse baits out of Japan, the Megabass Karashi Twitch Bait offers anglers a unique approach to those veteran bass that lurk in pressured waters. The Karashi dives into your favorite fishery with a slow sinking property to tempt bass with a wild walk-the-dog action that was previously only achievable with surface lures. It dashes left and right with every snap of the rod to mesmerize finicky and aggressive fish alike, triggering them to lash out at your dancing twitch bait. Conversely, the Karashi imparts a dead stick action on a steady retrieve similar to a spybait to more effectively target lethargic predators.

In addition to the wild subsurface action, the Megabass Karashi Twitch Bait also delivers the meticulous quality and attention to detail that has elevated Megabass to legendary status. Molded onto the anatomically accurate profile are 3D scale and lateral line patterns, raised gill rakers, and their signature downward-facing eyes. It also comes available in a range of proven colors to further entice any wary bass. Making sure anglers get the most for their dollar, the Megabass Karashi Twitch Bait twitches out of the packaging with premium hardware to help make sure the trophy on the end of your line makes it into the net every time.

Length: 2.3" Weight: 3/16oz Type: Slow Sink

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