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Megabass Uoze Swimmer Gill

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  • Sku: 137846
  • Barcode: 4513473471834
  • Vendor: MegaBass

Product description

The UOZE SWIMMER is a new surefire concept bait proposed by Megabass. The realistic head features a nose section narrowed down to the limit, allowing it excel at slipping through obstacles such as rocks, branches, and weeds. The protrusions around the gills allow it to generate an optimal amount of water stirring, which combined with the low center of gravity design provide for stable range keeping ability. the tight blade attached to the titanium shape memory wire make wide ranged appeals through flashing and vibrations possible in areas of low visibility such as weed jungles. The flexible titanium shape memory wire does not interfere with hooking bites, and by allowing the blade to make contact with the bottom and structures before the body of the lure, the lure is prevented from diving too deep into obstacles, making delicate tracing and retrieves possible. The UOZE SWIMMER is equipped with a custom long shank wide gap hook. This foolproof design pierces through the jaws of monsters with accuracy, reliably landing them.

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