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SPRO Outsider Crank DD 80 Bone Abalone

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  • Sku: SOSCDD80BAB
  • Barcode: 651583151681
  • Vendor: Spro

Product description

An innovative bait built to plunge to the depths of your favorite fishery, the SPRO Outsider Crank DD 80 Crankbait effectively targets the hard-to-reach deep-dwelling trophy caliber bass. Featuring a unique construction imagined by John Crews and the Johnston brothers, the Outsider Crank carries its weight on the outside, making it easier to cast while creating a more responsive action. A large bill extends from the nose to drive the bait down to the 20-foot depth range while imparting erratic deflections every time it comes into contact with hard cover to inspire vicious reaction strikes.

Complementing the SPRO Outsider Crank DD 80 Crankbait’s impressive action and unique construction are dashing visual elements that will fool even veteran bass. The front half of the deep diving plug sports molded gill rakers, mandibles, and SPRO’s signature Mean Eyes while highly detailed paint schemes wrap the bait in authentic good looks. The Outsider Crank submarines out of the packaging armed with premium Gamakatsu hooks dangling from heavy duty split rings for an optimized hook-up ratio. Granting anglers the ability to target the scale-busting bass that lurk around offshore structure, the SPRO Outsider Crank DD 80 Crankbait is a no-brainer for any angler looking to add to their deep diving arsenal.

Length: 3.15" Weight: 1 1/4 oz Depth: 19-21'

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