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Storm Arashi Swimmer Swimbait Oikawa Mesu

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  • Sku: ASW18696
  • Barcode: 039984748660
  • Vendor: Storm

Product description

For the angler targeting trophy bass or hunting for a tournament kicker-fish, the Storm Arashi Swimmer Swimbaits exudes big fish drawing power. Featuring a multi-jointed construction, the Arashi Swimmers deliver an ultra-lifelike swimming action that is incredibly effective over a wide range of retrieve speeds. In addition to the exceptional action, the swimbait incorporates a moderate sink rate that creates a stable action at faster retrieve speeds while still allowing the lure to remain in the strike zone when paused or twitched.

Touting premium components from tail to tip, the Storm Arashi Swimmer Swimbaits includes swiveling hooks that increase your catch ratio by eliminating leverage against the lure body while fighting the angry green glutton on the end of your line. Bolstering the angler appeal of this swimbait are premium colors and patterns that precisely match regional prey, while its attractor attributes are unbeatable in drawing a strike by arousing the aggression response. The perfect way to catch big bass without breaking your budget, the Storm Arashi Swimmer Swimbaits are an ideal tool for learning the technique or an excellent addition to established swimbait arsenals everywhere.

Length: 7" Weight: 2 3/16 oz Type: Moderate Sinking

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