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Strike King Chick Magnet Jr Blue Rock Craw

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  • Barcode: 051034268447
  • Vendor: Strike King

Product description

The younger sibling of the highly popular Chick Magnet, the Strike King Chick Magnet Jr Flat Sided Crankbait brings together Andy Morgan's old-school design concept and Strike King's modern technology in a smaller more compact size. Capturing the most critical aspects of size, shape, weight, components, and action that makes a homemade flat side crankbait special, the style of this bait is steeped in history around Lake Chickamauga where legendary MLF pro angler Andy Morgan calls home.

Built with a Tennessee swagger, the Chick Magnet Jr features flat sides and circuit board lip to provide incredible thump and tight wobbling action while deflecting off of shallow cover to draw aggressive reaction bites. Perfect for lethargic cold-water fish or times when they are keyed on smaller forage, the Strike King Chick Magnet Jr Flat Sided Crankbait is known for attracting trophy-sized fish which is why it earned the name the Chick Magnet!

Length: 2.25" Weight: 1/4oz Depth: 2-4'

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